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Recent Projects

Interior trim update
Interior trim update
Interior window trim update

Installed new baseboard, door and window trim for an updated look.

Existing walkway
Decking Walkway In Progress 4.jpg

Multi-level decking walkway and stairs to provide easy access to lower level of home from upper driveway. 

Decking Walkway In Progress 3.jpg
Multi-level decking walkway.
Decking Walkway Complete
Shiplap Ceiling
Shiplap Ceiling

Customer Quote

"...You did a fabulous job on our kitchen ceiling. It looks wonderful and it sure makes the kitchen look brand new."

Linda W.

Unique Shiplap kitchen ceiling.

AS Kitchen 1-2.jpg
AS Kitchen 2-2.jpg
AS Kitchen 3-2.jpg

Kitchen update consisting of installation of new sink and faucet, new dishwasher and glass tile backsplash. Removed upper cabinet to raise microwave and install open shelf.

Closet Design
Custom Closet
Closet Shelving
Custom Closet

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Custom made spice rack.
Spice Rack 3 .jpg

Custom spice rack using reclaimed pallet for warmth and character. Would be happy to design one for your spices.

Closet 7-2.jpg
Closet 2-2.jpg
Closet Shelving
Custom Closet

Custom designed and built closet system using black pipe and wood. This large closet had no storage or good hanging space. A fun project and a happy customer.

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